Kitchen menu


Today's Soup

with grilled flatbread



Bread and hummus

Handmade flatbread & hummus


(add smoked aubergine for £1.50)


Deep-fried chickpeas with green chilli


Handmade flatbreads

Choice of wrap/*plate

Hot, fluffy, flatbread filled with hummus, fresh chopped herb & vegetable salad, toasted seeds & harissa in addition to your choice of the following:

Char-grilled Courgettes & Aubergines

With green herb, capers, pickled garlic & preserved lemon


Smoked & Spiced Lamb Shoulder

With grilled sticky and sweet fresh apricots


Grilled Fresh Fish of the Day

With chermoula butter and grilled lemon


Wrap vs Plate

What's the difference?

If you’re peckish the wrap has got your name on it. If, however, you are really hungry, want to share, or make your dinner more of an occasion then the plate is for you. The plate includes tasty additions such as:

  1. seasonal grain salad of the day
  2. charred & smoky grilled onions
  3. additional sauces and bits that complement your choice of plate

Something Sweet

Sweet summer frozen messy fool

Frozen whipped vanilla cream, thick yoghurt, & meringue, with fresh seasonal fruit, roasted nuts & seeds.


Weekday lunches are discounted by 10%